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Ella-Sophie Kuzyk

Hi! My name is Ella, and I have been making art since I could mash my baby hands into a jar of paint.

Raised in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Washington, I have a deep and fiery passion for the outdoors. Through high school I nurtured that passion through sports, cross country running and Nordic skiing. When a long-term injury shut down my competitive career and college plans, I made the last minute decision to move to Bozeman. I booked a greyhound and made it just in time for the first day of classes at MSU.


Since moving to Bozeman, I have rediscovered so many beautiful ways to connect with the mountains that were lost under the pressures of competition. Namely, my passion for art has flourished over the last few years. Art goes hand in hand with long trail runs, days skiing in the backcountry, and nights spent under the stars.

My art is about the experience and process; blending the memory, imagination, and place together. When I’m painting, I usually start drawing based off reference photos and then let loose with the colors, letting my experience of the place shine through, conveying the intricate subtleties of the mountains, the rocks, and their kaleidoscope of color with the grace they deserve. This gives my art a bit of a psychedelic edge.


We see the world through eyes of imperfect beings. We all perceive wavelength and color differently, register different frequencies of sound, interpret life and emotion in context of our own experiences. Each person is home to an entirely unique universe of their own, worth sharing and understanding. I’m so honored to share some of mine with you!


I am on a mission to communicate the unfathomable wonder and indescribable relationships found at the intersection of the human experience and the natural world. More recently, my art centers specifically around the feelings of untamed joy and wonder found in nature.

I just graduated from MSU with a degree in marketing. Now I'm headed to South America for art residencies and lots of good trails. You can follow my adventures and life as a landscape artist on instagram @january.dreaming.

View my work from painting in Glacier!

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