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Ella-Sophie Kuzyk

Ella has been making art since she could reach her baby hands into a jar of paint.

Raised in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Washington, Ella has a deep and fiery passion for the outdoors. Through high school she nurtured that passion through her sports, cross country running and Nordic skiing. When an injury shut down her competitive career and college plans, she made the decision to move to Bozeman.

Since moving to Bozeman, Ella has rediscovered many ways to connect with the mountains that she lost under the pressures of competition. Namely, her passion for art has flourished over the last few years. Art goes hand in hand with long trail runs, days skiing in the backcountry, and nights spent under the stars.

Ella is on a mission to communicate the unfathomable wonder and indescribable relationships found at the intersection of the human experience and the natural world.

Ella is in her third year at MSU, studying business and biochemistry. You can follow her adventures and life as a landscape artist @january.dreaming.

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